The Sparrow sings loudest when the church bells ring?

It’s nearly 10 am now and I am watching the news and eating some fresh bread rolls. The bread bit is irrelevant I know, but we love to make bread in our house and have done so for the last 37 years. Now the funny thing is, the three foot hedge is directly behind the TV and clearly visible through the window . So you see this is how it all began. We sit down to eat breakfast, have coffee or lunch and next minute you find yourself watching Channel Sparrow and not the TV 😄and to be frank (Jon normally) sometimes it’s a lot more interesting. I don’t want you to think this is all we do, watch daytime TV, because nothing is further from the truth. We may do this a little bit more often on wet days in winter months and that’s all, I promise!

The cock House Sparrow is back in the 3 foot hedge. It’s miserable, the weather is miserable and he is miserable, sitting in the middle, about a foot down from the top. He is rather half heartedly chirruping, not preening, not tail flicking, not spinning his head from side to side or tilting it up or down to check for possible predators or interested hen sparrows, just pathetic uninterested chirruping.

It is now 10 am. The church clock strikes 10 bells for the hour.  It seems like this is all the Sparrow needs to get seriously on the job, at last, a little encouragement. He launches into the full show, moves up to the top of hedge, checks to make sure there are no hawks about and lets us have it all at full throttle, full volume, nothing held back!

Now you might say that there was something else that triggered this sudden burst of enthusiasm. Perhaps a hen sparrow was sat out of my sight on the corner of the roof? Perhaps a neighbouring cock sparrow had just burst into competitive song in the hedge next door. But for me, the sparrow sings loudest when the church bells ring?